Hair Services

Jen's Styling Booth takes a professional high standard approach to servicing you. We cut and style hair to make you look and feel fantastic. Every hair care service we provide is well explained by the hair stylist to encourage your interest in learning about the best way to care for your hair. We work as a team so you can consistently receive quality service. All services include a thorough consultation and analysis of your hair.

Our salon has a level system where service prices reflect demand of a stylist time. All of our stylist undergo extensive training and receive their Master's Degree in Hair before becoming a Level one Stylist.

Cut & Finishing
Maintain your look or ask your stylist for a customized fresh new cut and style.
Customized for Face Shape $32.00+
Shampoo & Style
Rejuvenates Hair and Scalp $22.00+
Formal Finishing
Ask your Stylist about Consultation $56.00+
Great Scissor or Clipper Cut for a New Look $22.00+
Grey Camouflage
In 5-10 Minutes, Blend Gray your Way $20.00+
Whether you want to take a few years off by blending away gray or youíre looking for a fashionable new look, achieve vibrant and shiny haircolor.
Retouch / Glaze
Single Process Applications $54.00+
Single Process Highlights for Dimension and Shine $64.00+
Full Head Highlights
Single Process Highlights to Create the Ultimate Look $88.00+
Color Correction
Vary Based on Customized Needs during Consultation
Achieve the texture you are looking for with these intense services.
Get the Latest Textures from Glamorous Curls to Loose Waves $81.00+
Smooth Unruly Hair with this Ultimate Smoothing Solution while Keeping your Curl $180.00+
Permanently Turn Curly Hair to Straight Upon Consultation
Transform the condition and health of your hair with an intense Redken chemistry conditioning treatment customized for your hair's specific needs.
Color Treated Hair $17.00+
Distressed Hair $17.00+
Very Dry, Unruly Hair $17.00+
Multiplies bonds making hair stronger and healthier $25.00
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Saturday 9:00 to 5:00
Sunday12:00 to 6:00
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